Yugi Moto is a twenty-four year old male nightshade, and his element is Necrolia. His starting weapons were his Rifle and Crossbow.


During his youth, Yugi learned the ways of the mage while fighting off slavers. When his country broke down, he wandered for a while until eventually getting caught up in the events of Darkspell: Odyssey in Peril.

During the events of DS:OiP, during a week long adventure in the desert Yugi received a message from his brother, Haros about his town being completly destroyed. After that he stocked up on supplies and went towards Toporame where he would meet with Haros. A day or two later he was in a village and the Orphien Organisation tried to raid the village when he attacke them with Necrolia magic and his rifle. Ater that he took a book called 'Necrolia Rituals Volume 1' and all their supplies from their bodies. After that he kept journying to Toporame and within a few days time he was there and figured out that Orphien used some of the rituals detailed within 'Necrolia Rituals Volume 1' to destroy Haros' home town and that they were going to attack Oasa Minor and make it the capital of the Orphien Empire. Then Yugi helped Toporame fortify incase of the Orphien attacking. After that he journeyed to Oasa Minor and took part in the battle.

This has not been updated further due to its non-canon status.


Yugi is tall, has red eyes and dark untidy hair. As for his clothing, he wears a full set of Aeropostle. Not much else is known about Yugi's appearance, however.


Yugi's speciality is as a specialist. He apparently has powerful Necrolia magic, and seems to be proficent with his crossbow and rifle.


Yugi Moto shares his name with the character Yugi Moto from the television show and manga, 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' In 'Yu-Gi-Oh!', Haros is Yugi's grandfather, rather than his brother.