Name: Xerus Cerato

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Element: Necrolai(Fire)

Signature Spells: Raise Dead(Necrolai): Allows slight control of a corpse. Corpse can only do basic actions like attacking or defending, and can not speak. Infuse Soul(Necrolai): Infuses a corpse with a Demon Soul. Can only infuse Level 1 Demon Souls. Heat Shield(Fire): Conjures a medium-sized barrier of flames. Barrier can not deflect physical attacks, but can cause damage to physical attackers. Flamberge(Fire): Allows the caster to set an object on fire. Casting on larger objects, such as dumpsters, will drain more energy. Flammability of the object is not changed, so some objects will not burn for long. Starting Weapons: Hidden Blade: A 6-inch retractable blade attached to a large gauntlet on his right arm. To use it, the wrist must be flicked, and to retract it, the wrist must be in a relaxed position.

Elma: A dagger, about 8 inches long, with a small jewel butterfly encased in the hilt. Used for when he can’t escape face-to-face combat.

Description: Xerus is a slight young man. He’s thin, with not a lot of muscle, but he’s incredibly acrobatic. He clocks in at about 6’3", and weighs about 166 pounds. He has short black hair, and his eyes are dark blue.

Xerus is a sneaky individual, capable of moving as softly as a feather. He prefers to move in the shadows, sneaking up on foes and taking them out one by one, instead of charging into conflicts, brandishing his dagger. Though he has morals, they are low, and he has no qualms with killing an innocent bystander in the middle of a fight so he can use their corpse as a meat shield.

Despite his preference of stealth, Xerus is no slouch in combat. He moves fluidly, capable of switching his attention from opponent to opponent without pause.

He usually hangs out in the slums. More people are willing to make deals in his favor, and fewer cops are there to ruin his deals.

Clothes: He usually wears a black, hooded cloak with the hood up, and underneath he wears a black t-shirt and dark grey jeans. His shoes are grey sneakers, perfect for long-distance running.

Bio: Xerus is a shady individual. No one knows much about him or his past. This is, in part, due to him killing anyone that finds out even the smallest bit of his past. Despite having less factual evidence on him than any other criminal, Xerus is still highly wanted by the police, and has earned the quivalent of 2 death sentences.