The White Task Force, shortened to WF, is a group of healers and educators, dedicated to the job of healing and preserving lives, as well as helping to teach, feed, and house the poor. Almost all areas of DarkSpell has people of this Force, though in many places, their numbers are regretfully low. Mostly because many of their numbers are considered as a threat by any evil faction.

Getting into the Task Force is itself not a very difficult task. Any person with minimum mastery over Ligia can be a member of it, as well as Psychics, Water Mages, and even the occasional Fire Mage, and people who have learnt how to train others in an element. Naturally, this includes Heavasia users, and the teaching positions are often filled by Reifacs and Dracims.

There is no ranking system within the Task Force. All members are considered to be equally powerful and useful to the organization. The meetings are generally organized in a ‘peer-to-peer’ system, with all members alerting others during their travels.

The WF is a kind of traveling group of healers, only, they do not even travel as a group. Their individual members are free to go wherever they want. It is like a brotherhood of mages. The only mission, both most and least difficult, is to heal the injured, and help the poor. On rare occasions, several members aid other helpful groups during battle, but that is very rare. They do not believe in fighting without provocation. And even then, the provoker cannot be killed, only disarmed and, at best, his weapons destroyed. However, not all members believe in this code. The WF will not turn down someone like that as long as they have the judgement not to kill without need.

It is not very secretive in the sense that almost all people all over DarkSpell know about its existence, but the problem is, they are difficult to find in any fixed place. Even their meetings are held in different places at different times. The only way to recognize a Task Force mage is from the uniform, which, ironically, most members refrain from wearing, favoring other casual forms of clothing. This means that anybody in a crowd could possible be a member of WF.

Short-term Goals:Edit

Help the people in the South Daverhaven slum of Imperis stop resorting to Gang Violence.
House and clothe the people of South Daverhaven.
Educate people in South Daverhaven so they can get jobs.

Long-term Goals:Edit

Help the people in the Daverhaven and Uri regions of Imperis by:
Education the people
Clothing them
Housing them
Lowering Crime.
The goal in Daverhaven and Uri is to have a combined unemployment rate of no more than 6%.