I've done an overhaul of the Wiki, with a new wordmark with advanced graphics, a new theme, more purple and eathral blue, and a Favicon:

Originally derived from Favorite Icon, Internet Explorer 5 introduced this Icon next to Bookmarks, or favorite. These have come to be known as Favicons, and are shown on all browsers (Besides Safari) next to the URL, on tabs, bookmarks, history, and something else I forget... look it up on Wikibediea.

Anyways, Revenant of Restoration is about the new world that the Higher Powers have been sent to control and protect: The Creators cannot touch it. This has brought about the removal of the unfair Divine and Void elements, which have been changed to their Natural counterparts.

This new realm also allowed for the addition of the Air Element, which was shown to be missing in the first Darkspell. This was not mentioned after that, but has been on my mind.

Sivis Sasis will be taking a backseat for newer antagonists, so newplayers don't have HUGE plot to follow.

Remember, the more images we have, the better! Check out Darkspell: Restoration of Revenant

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