As you probably already know, Darkspell has many, many elements. In addition to the ten base elements, three divine and three void elements, there are many combination elements. This blog is for the creation of new combination elements and the naming of old ones without a proper name. Make sure to detail the properties and such of the combination elements. I will list some of the known ones here. The known ones should eventually get a page of their own, but they are listed here as example, and known elements should not be listed.


Hellfire is the combination of Dracian and Fire. It is known to be extremely explosive and volatile, and is extremely hard to put out. Marth Valos nearly killed himself with this element, due to its extreme power.


A variation of Hellfire, FiendFyre burns things extremely fast instead of being difficult to put out.


Pyronichaos is ANOTHER variation of Hellfire, which kills people with the immense amount of contained Darkness before it even reaches them.


Antimatter is the combination of Ligia and Dracian. It is a dull grey colour. It is actually pretty weak on its own, but when combined with a THIRD element, it becomes extremely powerful.

So, come on! Throw out your ideas! It doesn't matter how good they are, since this is just a discussion, and we can help to refine them before you attempt to implement them. Ian Helios 20:32, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

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