The Suntame Order was created to fight the Bloodmoon Syndicate.


The Suntame Order accepts Light users, Psychic users, and Water users, the 3 types that can cure the damage of the Bloodmoon Order. They learned much from the White Task Force: In fact, the members of the Suntame Order who founded it came directly from the White Task Force. Due to this, they follow the system the White Task Force does: There are no leaders, only students, and teachers, who learn from eachother. Many students will call their teacher 'Master', although why the reason as to why is unknown. Unlike the White Task Force, they only heal the innocent, and are not pacifist, fighting the Bloodmoon Syndicate openly. They especially focus on the wounds caused by the Syndicate. They follow The Sun Code.

The Sun CodeEdit

The sun code is thre rules the Suntame Order follows.

  • Never kill someone unless proven associated with the Bloodmoon Syndicate unless in self defence.
  • Heal all those whom are tortured by the Bloodmoon Syndicate.
  • Never socially interact with a member of the Bloodmoon Syndicate.