Name: Veronica Carrol (NPC)

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Element: Light(Fire)

Signature Spells: Heal (Light)
Cauterize (Fire/Light)
Veronica can use fire and light to close a wound until proper healing can be done. (Used during situations where it is to dangerous to heal someone, ie a fight.)
Flame (Fire)
SoftFire (Light/Fire)
Veronica can create a fire that cannot affect people, but gives off light. This light is much less bright than Light magic, making it easier to dispel and disguise as something else.

Starting Weapons: Veronica carries around a small knife that is enchanted to pacify people and heal the wound it makes after it has left the wound.

Description: Veronica is a Caucasian female that stands at about 5’ 4". She has a slim figure, and blond hair that she always keeps over her left shoulder. She has blue eyes and blond hair.

Clothes: Veronica usually wears dresses of multiple cuts and styles, with various combinations of black and white. The fact is if you don’t see her in a dress, she’s probably been working with really bloody people. And she has ways to stop people from bleeding. Her dresses are always long enough to warrant not wearing anything else, and she has leggings for shorter dresses.

When she isn’t wearing dresses she wears khaki pants and a white shirt. Most people have never seen this outfit.

Bio: Veronica grew up in a middle class family, with a rather average upbringing. She had enough food, nice clothes, and was taught polite society. However, when she left the house and wanted to live by the ocean, she found most of the area was the Uri District, which was a giant slum. Seeing the gang violence and wanting to help, she joined the White Task Force.

Veronica has been part of the White Task Force for 7 years and works with Gerald Dublai who she met while helping the people of Daverhaven. She currently shares a house with him near the Daverhaven and Uri districts.