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Name: Ros (Formerly Guardiano della Sfortuna.)
Age: 25-27
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Element: Prophracia
Starting Weapon: Prophracio Prophracia: Sentient dual Katanas, with an ornate golden hilt with the eye engraved in it in deep purple, with a 50. cal gun mounted on both. Nicknamed Penelope, being sentient.
Specialty: Slasher
Description: Average build, weighs 160 lbs and is 6’5". Has deep purple eyes, and rather awesome light brown hair.
Clothes: Wears casual Black t-shirt and jeans under cloak. (Cape/hood)
Bio: Sister of Sarah Prophirudos. His parents and sister were killed. He got revenge, and then made friends with the person he killed’s son. Said son, Marth Valos, revived Sarah. After the events of Darkspell, Ros had sacrificed himself. Someone named Guardiano della Sfortuna talked about and worked for Ros after death. This turned out to be Ros in a new body of sorts, made by illusion and extreme psychic power. Ros still had his original body however, as he never actually died.

Name: Emil
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Element: Fire
Starting Weapon: Hearthgrate: 2 swords with shields attached to the hilt. There unique to her energy signature, and the blades catch on fire to her touch, and hers alone.
Specialty: Slasher
Description: 5’ 4", normal build.
Clothes: Wears leather armor painted faded red and orange.
Bio: Emil is the last remaining member of the combat group ’Feras’s Warriors’. She was great friends with many people, and has keys to multiple safe-houses and storerooms around the world.

Name: Erivilm
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Element: Dark
Starting Weapon: Poison Knife, Uzi.
Specialty: Hitman
Description: 5’ 7", climbing build.
Clothes: Wears a black coif with a black handkerchief tied over his mouth. He then has black boots, pants, and shirt with a black cape.
Bio: Erivilm is a thief. He’s from a guild of thieves based in The Colony of New Imperis. He was recently assigned to do a shill job for some very powerful people to bring down the Order of the Paladins, first bringing a crime spree to divert attention.


Name:Seth Green
Starting weapon:Two 5 inch blade knifes.
Description:Short black hair, medium build, Tan, brown eyes, medium height.
Clothes:Grey tee shirt, black jeans, white belt, and blue DC shoes.
Bio:Grew up with a poor familly so decided to make a change when he got an offer to be an assassin for money. He’s been a trained, and hired assassin for 2 years now, and hasn’t failed yet.


Name: Admotio Targas
Age: 21
Gender: Male.
Species: Human
Element: Reifac
Starting Weapon: Buckler (iron, has a spike on the center, outer side) and a roman, iron Gladius.
Specialty: Swordsmanship
Description: Caucasian, almost pale. Long brown, straight hair. He is also tall, well-built and has a scar on his left forearm, which he keeps covered for personal reasons.
Clothes: He wears loose black trousers, a black goggle-jacket (which is, most of the time, unzipped) and a celtic-shield necklace. His buckler and gladius are normally hanging on his back.
The first 15 years of his life, he lived as a servant to an evil lord who had possesion of quite some part of Zilos. When he had the chance, he ran away with some food and his most precious belongings: a Gladius, a Buckler and a celtic-style necklace, all of these once belonged to his father: Meridies Targas, who was also obliged to serve this evil lord, as a soldier of his army. The gladius was, surprisingly, almost intact, except a few dents on the blade and some rust.

After escaping Zilos, he spent the next three years traveling from town to town, training, hiding and surviving. He was accustomed to train in the woods, and this gave him a little more understanding of nature and soil. (Has an affinity to elements Earth and Plant). Due to being so far from technology and civilization, he has little knowledge of progress on technology and electricity. (less experience with element Electric).

After Ros’ death, he defeated, along with his allies and friends, the awakened demon Malroth that was inside Ian Helios, allowing the Guardiano della Sfortuna to seal him once again. Along with these friends and Ian, the group headed towards the north, towards the rim of the desert.


Name: Tao
Species: Human
Weapons:His Cinquedea which is actually the dark essence’s weapon he had when he actually had his original host. And his other weapon is a bronze box with a handle on top and a button also on top. He calls it Pandora’s Box and the button sucks a person’s energy into the box weakening their power exponentially but they can get there power back after a specific amount of time.
Clothes: A kevlar suit painted army camouflage and a red bandana on his head.
Description:He looks like a Puerto Rican that has a six pack and spiky black hair but you still can’t see it.
Bio:An old member of the White Task Force and on his last mission was to investigate a possible dark essence. It was going to invade one of his fellow members and he stepped in instead. The darkness took over his body and killed the other member there. He now stalks over people he deems interesting. Currently working on his own group known as the Soldier of Fortunes or at least to be a part of Sivis Sasis.


Name: Jack Scarlet.

Age: 25.

Gender: Male.
Species: Human.
Element: Dracian.
Starting Weapon: Dual revolvers.
Specialty: Spellslinger
Description: Tall, well-built, a slight stubble on his face.
Clothes: Long red coat, broad-shaded hat, also red, and high-reaching boots. His coat covers most of his other clothes, although a white shirt and black pants are minorly visible.
Bio: His past is mostly unknown, although a reputation of dread reaches out before him wherever he walks, some not even daring to whisper his name.


Name: Marth Valos
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Nightshade
Element: Necrolia
Starting Weapon: Concealed Kunais and a throwing dagger with a compartment for poison.
Specialty: Assassin
Description: About 6’ 2", Seems light in weight. Dark Purple eyes, although no one every sees them because he hates people to see his face. White teeth, his sleeves extend over his hands, but he has very strong upper arm muscles, as he likes to throw his kunais.
Clothes: Sacremento Kings grey hoodie with hood always up. Jeans that are frayed at the bottom.
Bio: Had a horrible childhood, getting underfed and abused. Because of this, he turned to the dark arts. He ended up killing his family, blasting them from existence with his deep hatred. He has many scars on his face, which is why he hates people to see it. He loves pain and suffering, especially when he is inflicting it. He goes into horrible rages at times when something dear to him has been destroyed or revealed.


Name: Ian Helios
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Element: Ligia
Starting Weapon: A shortsword with a sapphire embedded in the hilt. The sapphire contains the soul or suchlike of a Ligia mage. This does not afford the shortsword any properties as of now other than it being nearly impossible to break. Anyone currently holding the sword is able to communicate with the mage held inside. The edges of the sword are fairly dull and blunt, due to both the passive nature of the holder and the fact that the holder has never seen the need to sharpen it’s edges.

Update: Ian now lacks the mage within the sword. He has acquired a new sword which is similar to Irudos Heavasia, due to have owned the real thing before.

Speciality: Battle Medic
Description: Weight and height: average. Pale skin, pale blue hair. His eyes are a golden/amber colour.
Clothes: Comfortable casual clothes which allow for ease of movement. [I’ll let you decide what they are, as I have not the slightest inkling what such clothes may be. He also wears a small leather sheath for his sword, if that counts.]
Bio: Has lost all memory of his past. He woke up one morning on a beach and couldn’t remember any detail of his past. He also found a sword lying next to him. [The aforementioned one.] The mage inside the sword instructed him to head to Imperis to find the answers to his past. The mage also taught him Ligia magic because of his natural talent for it due to his Element. The mage’s motives are unknown. Ian is a nice person who likes to help people. He prefers not to fight and when he does he prefers to inflict as little damage as possible and hardly ever uses his sword for that reason. He is currently in Imperis, searching for his answers.

More recently, he found out a fraction of his past, and Leo sacrificed himself.

More recently, he was taken to the Realm of lacking creators because stuff happens like that. So he's no longer Heavasia but possibly retains some of the benefits anyway maybe perhaps.

Name: Indigo Dracian

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Element: Vulto. (Electricity.
Starting Weapon: Withered Leaf: A katana with a greenish tint to the blade. Heavily weighted towards the tip. The rest of the blade is hard, but light. The burn mark is almost flat, but curls up towards the end, for some reason. Bands of gold wrap around the blade just above the hilt. A green jewel is embedded below the hilt. Unbeknownst to Indigo, this is actually the Plant Dreamer’s Needle. The sheath is dark brown, with a golden pattern etched in the shape of a leaf at the bottom. There is a white strip of cloth wrapped around the sheath, with a vivid pink flower that never seems to wither tucked into it.

Update: The plant DR is no longer the plant DR and is a weaker version.

Speciality: Swordsmanship. (Slasher.)
Description: Is part cat. Which is why she has cat ears and a cat’s tail. Two tails, actually. Despite this, she has even less hair on her body in other places than a normal female. Which is strange, considering you’d expect her to have sprouted fur. Perhaps the hair moved to the cat ears. Anyway… Despite the cat ears, she has a pair of human ears. Which is strange. Is slightly below average height. Short black hair that curls behind her (human) ears. Vibrant green eyes. A bit flat-chested, but most men find her attractive enough.

Update: The cattiness is gone.

Clothes: Wears a green beret of some sort. Also wears a short sleeved red shirt with white sleeves. A short red skirt that comes just above her knees is attached to this.
Bio: Agetha Dracian’s little sister. Though, Agetha isn’t her only sibling. All of her siblings were female, though, much to her father’s frustration. Despite being younger than Agetha, she was much stronger than her. Not to mention not being a Dracian like most of the Dracian clan. It’s not really known why she was born a Dracim, but it’s not like it was anything important. At a young age, Indigo got caught in a violent magical experiment with a cat. The results weren’t pretty… No, wait, they were. She came out perfectly unharmed, just now part cat. As you might expect, this granted her enhanced senses, reflexes and agility. What you might not expect is that it granted her increased strength, though nobody is quite sure why it did. As you’ve probably guessed by now, a lot of mystery surrounds Indigo. Not important, ominous mystery, just mystery. Many questions about her remain unanswered… Though they don’t really need to be answered. When Agetha challenged the clan for the sacred treasures, Indigo was forced to fight her, by her father, who was not keen on the sacred treasures leaving. Indigo easily won, preventing a third treasure from being taken. Soon after Agetha left, Indigo happened upon Withered Leaf. Up until then, she had been good with a sword, but after finding it, she became dramatically better. Probably not due to any quality of the sword; maybe she felt like upping the ante now she had a proper sword. She recently received a letter regarding her sister’s death. She is now on her way to pay her respects, and receive her inheritance.

Update: Because Ros is an ass Indigo did not get her inheritance and has now been taken to the new Realm.


Name: Sournois
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Element: Psychic
Starting Weapon: Machete strapped across his back and a small pistol his pocket
Specialty: Conjourer
Description: Stone faced young man, seems to have the same facial expression at all times, Medium height, but with an average build, buzz cut, nice teeth
Clothes: Blue T Shirt, Black Cargo Shorts, White Hat, White shoes, Pocket ouch filled with pills
Bio: While growing up, Sournois would be separated from others by choice because he felt he was so much more advanced. While trying to spread knowledge, he would be shunned causing him lose any hope for social interaction. His only love in life was his mother. She was the only thing that made him happy, but on his 16th birthday, she died of Stomach Cancer. Losing the one thing he loved, Sournois lost all emotion and became the extremely somber young man he is today. He maintains a slight superiority complex and is an extreme cynic, viewing everything around him as worthless and unnecessary.


Name: Madison Bowl Miharp
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Hume
Element: Electric
Starting weapon:

Kagaku: A certain weapon shaped somewhat like the letter V, extended into a long barrel, also with some grip parts and the like. Basically, kind of like a rifle, except that the barrel is wider and completely open from the upper side. The weapon is activated by pulling the trigger and holding it pulled – during that time, whatever is in the groove of the barrel is quickly propelled forwards at amazing speeds. The weapon uses magnetic fields to work. Three kinds of gems are used in it – citrines, turquises and cherry opals embedded along the length of the barrel. Citrines store Electric magic to generate the propellant fields, cherry opals sink the barrel’s heat into themselves, turning it into Fire energy, and turquises cool the barrel down to a pristine temperature after the opals do what they can. Madison has to recharge the citrines every once in a while. Turquises can be cooled down by an Ice user, in which Madison is only basic. Cherry opals need to be discharged rather than charged. Coin: Essentially a spear, or rather a harpoon. Consists of a two-foot shaft with a harpoon tip, and a six-foot shaft with a tip which the first shaft can attach to to form an eight-foot spear. When the two parts are separated, the enchantment on them starts pulling them together with moderate force. The wielder can toggle that function at will, as well as freely attach and detach the parts.

Specialty: Spellslinger
Description: Shoulder-length light brown (or slightly reddish) hair, same-colour eyes. 5’3". Slim.
Clothes: A small hairclip with flowers, a white shirt with short sleeves and a normal shirt collar, a low-cut sleeveless sweater, very light brown to the point of being beige, a grey skirt, short one, standard ‘white long socks and black mary janes’ footwear.
Bio: Went to school like a normal girl should. Was a high energy magic user at school due to her natural talent. Aside from a few holes blown through many consecutive walls, she didn’t cause problems, as they tended to stay away from her, so she wasn’t expelled or anything. Daughter of professor Miharp, working in a section of the R&D section of Croesus Dorfworks, known as CARPS-DD. Built her weapons collaboratively with her father, decided to set off and have an adventure after the whole plot with some insane cult and great evils that involved their boss went off.


Name: Elita Ligia Good
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Element: Ligia
Starting Weapon: White Pigeon: A practical steel rapier, with a pearl in the hilt and runes struck out along the handle. The pearl is enchanted to amplify light magic, and dispel dark magic. The blade is sharpened on both edges, ending at an extremely fine point. The hilt also has two claw like structures along with the usual ring shaped handguards, that wrap around the hand to prevent disarming. The hilt extends partway over the wielder’s hand in a beak like shape, hence its name. The claws extend a light magic field around the wielder’s hand, as well, which prevents harmful objects from trailing down the blade. This includes poison and electricity.
As it is her favored weapon of use, Elita generally takes good care of it. She acquired it from a blacksmith who she had saved.
Socius Gladio: A well crafted gauntlet made from a strange, unknown metal. It also acts like a glove. Elita usually wears it on her right hand, being right handed and all. A strange glowing yellowish shard is grafted into the center of the gauntlet, part of it touching the wearer’s hand. Unknown to her, it is the Ligia shard, one of the Dreamer’s needles.
She herself considers it to be some form of light magic amplifier, and is never seen without it. It is a heirloom of her mother’s family.
Specialty: Swordsmanship/Slasher
Desc: Pale, but with a slight pinkish tint. Normal weight and height. Lean and slim build, slender and nimble fingers. Her hair is supple and pale yellow, usually tied back. It is rather long, reaching up to her waist. Her eyes are of the same color, and seem to reflect light better any normal eye, sometimes even turning white in bright light. Quite attractive, as her profile is neither too sharp or blunt, and she always seems to be smiling.
Clothes: White robes with pink markings, tied at the waist with a red sash. While it has the looks of being very flimsy, it is actually strong enough to resist a lot of physical abuse. It is the standard uniform of the White Task Force. Over the robe, she wears a red shirt, and white pants underneath and whatnot. I am not an expert in female clothes. She wears long boots, and has several different needles stuck in her hair. Not just needles, a large variety of objects, which gained her interest during her travels.
Bio: The daughter of a female cleric wielding Ligia, and a rich dracian warrior, Elita’s christened name was Elita Jacobs, after her father. Lita Good, as her mother was called, died giving birth to her. This gave her father a dreadful shock, to the point where he refused to even see the face of his newborn child, and she was named after her mother’s dying wish. Perhaps the shock drove him insane, for, soon afterwards, he decided that his daughter was responsible for the death of his wife.

Naturally, having a mad father does not guarantee a good childhood. Though she lived in a mansion with her father, she was treated worse than a lamb for slaughter. Even at an early age, she showed remarkable Light magic powers, which contributed to her receiving additional beatings from her father. Constantly abused, and often left without food, she slowly began to hate life itself. She wanted to kill her own father, but his dark magic was stronger than her light magic, so she was helpless.

After enduring thirteen years of torture, she had enough. With only her mother’s gift to her (Socis Gladio, companion to the sword) and a vow of vengeance, she left the mansion, and headed out into the streets. After escaping her father, she found herself in a dilemma as to what to do. Of course, she could join the Order, but there was too much darkness in her heart, and she couldn’t bear the thought of having to do good to those who had never cared for her. Finally, when she decided to kill herself and end her misery, she was rescued by a certain group of light mages.

That is how she came to know about the White Task Force, a strange group with no administrative capacity, and that worked freely from the Order and any other group. It mostly consists of ligia users, with a few Heavasia users, all of whom have various reasons to avoid the Order. She joined it out of curiosity, but soon, she realized that this was her media, the place where she belonged. Her remarkable light powers developed as she trained with equals, and so did her outlook to the world as she performed the works of the Task Force. Having spent most of her painful childhood leisure in idle fencing with estocs, she soon proved remarkable abilities in swordsmanship as well. Finally, after much thought, she denounced her father’s last name, and adopted her mother’s, adding her chosen element as her middle name.

Elita has been a member of the Task Force for three years now, and she has changed a lot, mentally. Now she believes that her duty is not to inflict pain, but rather to lessen that of others.

Currently, she is on a mission in Imperis, looking for a certain missing order member. Unfortunately, she has lost his identity card and only has a vague idea about him.

More recently, she teamed up with Marth and co, got kidnapped by Ianroth, got mindraped, and so on and so forth. Any other ordinary human would probably have their mind completely broken and relapse into insanity, but due to greater mental resistance and willpower, she retains her personality and ideals to a great degree, even though the Force Seal was completely shattered by the upsurge of renewed hatred and such.


Name: Evan Brael.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Element: Dracim
Starting Weapon:A set of throwing knives. He just likes his knives. There’s little you can do or say to make him dispose of his knives.
Specialty: Assassin
Description: He’s a little shorter than average, and very thin. He has dark, long hair, reaching his shoulders. He’s not very athletic, but he’s very acrobatic.
Clothes: He wears no armor. He wears light, white clothes.
Bio: Recently released from a prison, where he was thrown at a very young age, for insanity and murder. He is not actually insane, but he attacked and killed some men while being asleep. He will most likely randomly fall asleep, despite of whatever action he’s doing. He had dreams of the man called Ian Helios, but since the events that marked the ending of Darkspell, they have stopped. He’s travelling with the group of Mistfortune to stop SS, because he is, and i quote “sick of this, i want to end it as fast as possible”.

Name: Artemis
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Nightshade
Element: Fire
Starting Weapon:
Moonlight: A bow made of wood, with silver details. An interesting weapon, the wood seems to glow a white light in the night, making the whole weapon silver in color. Some say it is a blessing provided by the Moon, but it was actually created as a gift for a noble man. The weapon has passed through many hands.
Specialty: Silent Shooting
Description: Slender, a little short. She is in shape, and can easily outmach Evan [The only certain referrence i have] in terms of physical strength. Long, white hair falls from her head, it reaches her lower back. Her brown eyes glow red in the night.[I Believe this is common to all Nightshades]
Clothes: She has a leather vest and a shirt. She uses a dark blue skirt, although she also uses red jeans below.
Bio: Her real name is not Artemis. She has long since forgotten her real name. Fascinated with a ficticious mythology, she changed her name to Artemis, both legally and mentally. Never comfortable with the closed enviroment of her household, she ran away from her home at 14 years old, and never looked back. Her life has proved to be one adventure after the last, some with happy endings, some others not. The first one provided her with her bow, the Moonlight, given to her by a dying companion. If one were to examine her body, they would find scars that speak of these adventures. Despite the death and the pain, her will never seems to break, and her spirit is as strong as ever. She is hungry for adventure, always searching high and low for something interesting to do.


Name: Alexander Rose~
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Catfolk
Element: Light.
Starting Weapon: Bladed Whip and Ring Blade.
Specialty: Medic.
Description: Roughly 5’5" and barely over 100lbs. Pale silver eyes. White fur/pink highlighs.
Clothes: A half-shirt, miniskirt, and fishnet leggings.
Bio: A happy-go-lucky catfolk who has wandered Darkspell for a few years. He typically accompanies trade caravans or military battalions as a healer-for-hire. When not traveling, he tends to keep himself fed via a variety of illicit jobs; usually falling in the lines of escort or dancer.


Name: Zeimas Geniax
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Element: Shadesi
Starting Weapon: Shadesi Noxa – Genesis Deifis of Shadesi; obtained as a gift after death of Unknown; holds incredible power over both Ligia and Dracian; may split into two and form practically any melee weapon at will, including shields and scythes; also capable of absorbing multiple elements, then firing them back at opponents as dual element balls of magic.
Specialty: Battlemage
Description: Basic Paladin build – somewhat blocky and muscular, yet simultaneously lithe and agile; roughly 180cm tall, give or take a few; Caucasian; fairly dark grey hair; light grey eyes.
Clothes: Grandmaster Robes – Robes decorated with hundreds of Paladin runes and enchantment sigils from all base elements, with high focus on Ligia and Dracian enchantments; level of enchantment results in the wearer being engulfed in a semi-transparent, steel grey, almost skin-tight force field whenever he so wishes, appearing in a similar manner to regular Paladin armour without the restriction of movement or extra weight; this protects him essentially completely from even the most powerful of light and dark assaults, as well as significantly reducing the damage dealt by other base elements and providing physical damage protection equivalent to that of a full plate of titanium armour plus a full helm of the same material.
Bio: A high-ranking Paladin of light elemental alignment in a previous life, Zeimas was killed off, along with the rest of the group he was in, by a powerful dark overlord named Irunda Imedos. After his death, he was buried in his armour in a far-off, excluded graveyard; Zeimas was promptly resurrected by a local necromancy guild as a revenant, to continue his campaign against Irunda. After killing off most of the guild, he proceeded to slaughter his way to the castle of Irunda, where they fought once again; this time, however, thanks to an array of powers both new and old, Zeimas defeated and slew the dark lord, claiming the fiend’s combination weapon for his own. As a reward, the creators returned him to his human form once again, and granted him the elemental alignment of Shadesi to encompass his newly gained abilities. Returning to the Order, he was quickly reaccepted, and he quickly proved himself as a Paladin not weakened by his travel through the boundaries of death and back.
And then the events of Darkspell 1 occured, and he became the grandmaster of the Order after the death of the previous grandmaster, Huras Himada. He is currently travelling (probably) with a group of Higher Powers, himself included as one of them, in an effort to rid the world of Sivis Sasis.

Name: Johan Mesura
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Element: Ice
Starting Weapon(s): Ervas Dracos of Ice – Turquoise crystal fragment with a slight glow around it; one of the ten Dreamer’s Needles; gives Johan total mastery over the element of Ice, with the minor setback of slightly decreased awareness of his surroundings if short sleeping hours are followed; usually held within a thick glaze of ice covering a forearm.
Katana Rifles – Dual katanas once wielded by the late Ros Prophirudos; no special function, other than the fact that a gun of sorts is built into each katana; the symbol of the Eye is etched into each katana.
Specialty: Specialist
Description: Very pale skin; light blue eyes; platinum-blond hair, with spiky bangs that cover his eyes for the most part; 1.93 metres in height; very lean figure.
Clothes: Ice-blue t-shirt, with dark blue socks, almost black-red trousers and black shoes. Also has two permanent coverings of thick ice on his forearms, one of which contains the Ice Needle.
Bio: Johan was always a very logical person – he preferred to think a situation through thoroughly before doing anything. Having gotten through the first two years of University without many problems, however, he was unlucky to be kidnapped by a group of fire-wielding mages with a light-wielding, magic-sealing specialist on their side. With his powers and himself locked away thoroughly, he was left with the light specialist, with the knowledge that his powers were to be drained later for the mages’ own use.
Using his logic, Johan devised a plan, and eventually tricked the light mage into unsealing his powers, and even managed to get the mage to unlock the latent Psychic streak within him. He escaped, and murdered most of the mages in the group. One, however, bought his survival by offering Johan a gift – the Ervas Dracos of Ice. Johan accepted this offer.
The Needle obtained, Johan returned to the university he came from, and successfully finished his course with flying colours. With that achieved, he decided to travel the world to obtain more knowledge. His first stop – Imperis.
With the events of Darkspell 1 completed, he has joined a group of Higher Powers like himself in an effort to stop the group known as Sivis Sasis.


Name: Yugi Moto
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Nightshade
Element: Necrolia
Starting Wepon: Rifle and Crossbow
Specilty: Specialist
Description: Tall, Red eyes, Dark untidy hair.
Clothes: A full set of Aeropostle.
Bio: In his youth he learned the ways of the mage while he fought off the slavers trying to enslave anyone who could work. When the country broke down he wandered until he found this land.


Name: Nethen
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Element: Fire
Starting Weapons: A good-sized knife that is held in a seath at most times that has a blade about 3 times the size of his hand, and a small handgun that is usually fully loaded but he barely ever uses
Specialty: Blessed
Description: 5’11" with brown hair and eyes.
Clothes: Typically wears jeans or other long pants unless it’s inconvenient, and wears a jacket at most times. What he wears under the jacket is irrelevant, as he never takes it off. He tends to wear boots, but he will wear other footwear if it isn’t convinient to wear boots.
Bio: Besides the fact that he gained a vast amount of intelligence on his travels, not much is known about him. He is known to travel from place to place. Why he travels is not known. What is known is that he tends to stay away from personal relationships for an unkown reason, possibly because he knows he may never see them again because of his travels. At the start of the story, he is in the city of Kunrna and is preparing to go into the forests of Imperis. He is doing this for personal reasons that he refuses to tell anybody.


Name: Melissa Moonlight
Age: 20
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Element: Water
Starting Weapon: A big iron hammer.
Specialty: Specialist
Description: She has a pale skin, and long (so long it goes down to her hips) straight light-blue hair, the same colour as her eyes. She’s a short slim, flat-chested girl.
Clothes: She wears a white shirt (not t-shirt, mind you! :3) and a short black skirt, along with a pair of black military boots.
Bio: She woke up badly hurt in the middle of the Urdus Desert, in a town now destroyed, with no memories except fire and screams. A merchant traveler healed her and took care of her until she could take care of herself, then they left her at Imperis, where they thought she could get a better life. Her water magic helped a lot in the way, as the desert had very little to offer and she eventually learned how to make best use of the little water she could find. She doesn’t know anything of the past besides that and she’s only looking for someone to take care of her like part of her family, as she is still a child on the inside.


Name: Jeanette Minlake
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Element: Electric
Starting Weapon: Spear
Specialty: Battle Mage
Description: Jeanette is tall for her age, and has curved body building. Her hair is long and deeply red, tiend on a ponytail, and has blue little eyes. Her skin is tanned due to spending all day long outside.
Clothes: She uses a white big bagged shirt with a brown lace on the neck, and a brown short skirt with black legings ans geen boots that reach her knees.
Bio: Jean was born on a steam powered city and grew up on a whealty family. During her pre-teen years, she started to develop her magic, and soon became a loner, since electricity wasn’t wanted on that society. She became tired of not having friends, and took a nomad life, lurking for adventures around the world.