Name: Jem’appelle Alfred

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Element: Darkness/Psychic

Signature Spells: Shadow Merging: As long as there is sufficient darkness or shadows available, James can become mostly invisible with it and travel much faster within the darkness. Darkness Generation: Can envelope an area with Darkness. Shadow Blades: Ability to conceal a simple object like a knife within another objects shadow. Mind’s Eye: When fully concentrating, can see things outside of his range of vision. Dark Psychics: With great deal of concentration, is able to infiltrate the mind’s of others to perform Darkness techniques such as blinding them, suggest thoughts that will eventually allow you to control them, induce sleepiness and unconsciousness, and read their thoughts.

Starting Weapons:

Twin Daggers that are very light and easy to maneuver around with, to use with maximum speed and agility.

Lots of throwing knives that are very thin and narrow.

A small metal bracer on his left arm.

A Flamberge style sword.

And some wires he can manipulate for more utility.

Description: Tall and slightly muscular. He is both fast and strong He is a Bonjourno that sometimes like to sport cool hats

He is quite calm and peaceful, and able to maintain a good judgement in every situation. Due to his childhood however, he develops a slight paranoia and is protective of his own team, even though he doesn’t show it.

[No time right now I’ll expand the rest later]

Clothes: [Ordinary clothes. Sometimes wears cool hats.]

Bio: [Uh, he was born as a Bonjourno]