Indigo Dracian is an unusual character. Despite being born into the Dracian clan, she's a Dracim, or a 'Dreamer'. She's also part cat, yet is still technically human since she was magically bonded to a cat with some volatile magic, though this was not by choice. She also carries a katana, Withered Leaf, which contains the Plant Dreamer's Needle. She is also Agetha Dracian 's little sister. She has other siblings, but they have never been shown. She's also an extremely talented spellcaster, even without the Plant Shard. She is also stronger and faster than a regular human, due to being part cat. However, the specifics of this have not been explored.

Indigo is owned by Knoob85687.


Inidgo Dracian was yet another female born into the head family of the Dracian clan. However, she was Dracim instead of Dracian. She went through life being scorned for being a Dracian, and eventually for being part cat. When Agetha Dracian fought the clan for the three sacred treasures, Indigo was forced to fight Agetha and won, stopping Agetha from taking the third treasure. She then got the sword Withered Leaf, and went to live on an island in the South Republic.

However... At the start of Darkspell: Odyssey in Peril, Indigo received a letter telling her of her sister's death. She began to travel to Imperis and met Admotio Targas and Melissa Moonlight along the way. She also met Seth Green and met Bazyli in Kunrna.


Is part cat and she has cat ears and a two cat’s tails. Despite this, she has even less hair on her body in other places than a normal female. Which is strange, considering you’d expect her to have sprouted fur. It has been speculated that the hair moved to the cat ears. Despite the cat ears, she has a pair of human ears. . Is slightly below average height. Short black hair that curls behind her (human) ears. Vibrant green eyes. A bit flat-chested, but most men find her attractive enough. Wears a green beret of some sort. Also wears a short sleeved red shirt with white sleeves. A short red skirt that comes just above her knees is attached to this.


Indigo is based off of the characters in the seventh Touhou game, Perfect Cherry Blossom. Her name is derived from Ran, a superboss, which translates to Indigo. Her appearance is taken from Chen (Orange), Ran's summoned spirit. Strangely enough, the two colours make up the username of Knoob85687's second account, OrangeOfPurple. Indigo's abilities are derived from the central point of PCB, which is Cherry Blossoms. She has extreme plant control due to her shard and this enables her to grow plants such as cherry blossoms extremely quickly and weaponise them.