Humans are the diversity of Sentient Creatures of a Rank 3 status on the continent of Herperimas. Humans are considered a neutral creature in terms of power. They have no advantages or disadvantages over other Sentient Creatures of a Rank 3 status.


Humans hailed from Herperimas, and have stayed there as the majority. Like all creatures, they were allowed their sentience and evolution after the Creators finished their crafting of the world.

The Creators themselves are human. More detail on this can be found on their page.


Humans have a very affectable mentality. They can be good or evil, and can be affected greatly by outside sources. This Mentality is known as Neutral Influenced.

Phsyical TraitsEdit

Humans have basic limbs: Arms, Legs, Head, Hands, Feet. They also have a Straight Standing Body, designed for walking upright. These features are known as Natural Sapanic. This trait is shared by all Sentient Creatures of a Rank 3 status. Humans are capable of basic motor functions. They reproduce sexually, as apposed to asexual production, and have two genders, like all Sentient Creatures of a Rank 3 status.

Magical TraitsEdit

Humans have no magical advantages or disadvantages. Their levels of mana and magic power, much like physical counterparts, are completely neutral.

Other TraitsEdit

Humans have no special traits.