Name T.C. also known as Taylor Cred

Gender Male

Age 27

Element Giametus (Electric)

Signature Spells

Roll out T.C. Can surround himself with the Earths components allowing him to roll around in a defensive YET offensive manner at a dangerous speed.

+Pros:The boulder acts like a shield and a form of transportation as well as a weapon to destroy houses and trees.

+Cons: Since T.C. is using a giant ball to roll around, its physical shape makes it hard to turn. T.C. needs cracks inside so as to not run out of oxygen. Water can drown T.C. and fire can get rid of the oxygen for T.C to breathe.

Sandwhich Get it cuz its made of sand? By using the Earths components T.C. can bury an opponent to either suffocate the opponent or to trap the opponent and give him a chance to strike a deadly blow.

Weapons Enchanted Bow and arrows,(has anyone played bowmaster?) The arrow head can be any element its controller decides as long as the controller can use that element.

Description A black man, who has blue eyes, toned muscles. 6’ 3". Crew cut, wears small earrings and a black T-shirt.

Bio Grew up with both of his parents Jammal Cred and Veronica Simpson in the mountains, since they hate the city. Jammal had mastered Earth and Metal, and Veronica has also practiced with plant. So Taylor was born blessed with the power of Giametus. His parents taught him everything they know.

He went to Music school in Imperis and now is a major in music and is focused on brass instruments. He is part of the Imperis Symphonic Orchestra. Has a business in craftsmanship with brass instruments which he makes a living out of. Its called “If its not Brass, its Ass”His parents grew old and now live in a house in the mountains. Jammal is now trying to earn his Masters Degree in Imperis County College. He owns a mansion with a Jacuzzi and a raceway with his own helicopter pad, horse stables and restaurants.

Taylor is a wise person who tries to stay out of trouble slow to anger and smart. Since he trained with Monks he has a positive mentality about everything. He donates lots of money to the slums of Imperis.

One day a man took Taylors identity and stole all the money from his bank account which his insurance company didn’t even cover. Taylor was flat our broke, he couldn’t support his mansion and was forced to live with his parents in the mountains, he quit the orchestra, and is trying to recover financially since he is now in debt. He owes 13,000,000$ Thankfully by selling his business he was able to get rid of most of the money he owes. Now he tries to find ways to get back on track.