Below are the pages for all the factions in the game. If you have had a faction approved, you should use the following format to post it:

Faction Name (Creator of Faction)

So, let's say FGPlayer had a faction called FGFirefighters approved. He would title his page:


o correctly create said page, you must click the arrow next to the 'Contribute' Button, and then select 'Create New Page'. Select the 'Blank' page layout. In the New Page editor, you must do 2 things.

1. You must Copy and Paste your faction information onto the page.

2. You must go over to the large bar on the right of the screen. In that bar there will be a section that says categories. If it is not expanded, expand it, and in the box that says 'Add category...' you must type 'Factions'.

To be precise, you must type 'Factions' exactly, with a capital 'F' and correct spelling, ending with an 's'. Failure to do so will result in your page not being in the right place.

After typing in 'Factions', you must press enter. If you encounter a pop-up menu when you type Factions, than ignore it, and just press Enter anyways.

If you successfully added the page to the category, then you'll see that page listed below, sorted by first letter.

Enjoy the game!

Pages in category "Factions"

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