Name: Bethany Mauvais-Croix (Maiden Name)
Gender: Female
Age: 40
Element: Fire (Primary) Psychic (Secondary)

Signature Spells:

-Twin-element combination spell (Fire): The ability to combine the caster’s element with an element from a second participating caster and cast a new spell from the two elements. Requires participation of a second person otherwise it can’t be used.

(Reincluded at Ros’ encouragement)

-Aeromancer’s Strength (Psychic): Strengthens the target’s air element spells. Cannot target self.

-Aquamancer’s Strength (Psychic): Strengthens the target’s water element spells. Cannot target self.

Starting Weapons:

Magic-fueled Hair: Bethany can retract, extend, separate and use her hair to her advantage, shaping it into various weapons and using it for everyday purposes. Without her magic available, her hair cannot be manipulated. Her hair works more efficiently when washed, shampooed and conditioned. (Yes, these will affect her performance.)

MILF body: The body itself can be used as a weapon in the sense that curves in the right places can seduce many a man or lesbian.

Description: Bethany stands at 5’6" with a caucasian complexion and hazel eyes. She is a redhead with a great figure.

Clothes: Black & White Croupier’s uniform. Anything else she has managed to buy or have brought to her by her husband, Draco.

Bio: Bethany Croix was born to Michael Grace and Andrea Croix as the by-product of a boss-employee rape in Caiferport’s business district. Bethany only knew her mother because Andrea had killed Michael days after the incident. Life was rather difficult for Bethany. Having only one parent around made her a bit jealous of the fact that the other kids she knew had two parents still together. Around 18, she met and befriended Draco Mauvais. She grew up in an alright neighborhood and landed a job at 21 in Aflatoxin city as a jewelry store employee. She and Draco got married shortly thereafter. She worries whenever he gets locked up and has to bail him out. At 39, she got a job as a croupier for Imperis’ only gambling hall so that she and Draco had money for a place, food and clothing.